Gøteborg Tantrafestival

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

The awesome party-version of Liv’s magic workshops.


A high-energy workshop, where we're going to build up a lot of sexual energy through powerful energetic orgasmic breathing and orgasmic shaking, wild orgasmic dancing and lots of hugs.


 We will use Liv’s orgasmic breathing – Liv’s orgasmic shaking.


Moving our bodies, feeling pleasure, feeling joy, presence and really enjoying having a body.  We will do the orgasmic breathing and shaking again and again, building amazing amounts of sexual energy.


All with humor, joy, lots of energy and rawness. Add awesome music with explicit lyrics and a fireworks-tantra teacher, and you have a room filled with ecstasy.


And yes. There will be an exquisite Lovetunnel and a meditation too.


A unique experience that makes you feel so much better, stronger, wilder, more yourself – open you up to more love, deep self-awareness, sexual energy and a stronger connection with a greater consciousness.


Come. Dance. Enjoy. Shake. And come.

Beginneres and experienced. Foto:Pexels.com

Sex with me so amazing

- energysex for single people


Energysex is innocent, amazing – and straight on. Energysex is moving your body in a sensual way, using breathing tecniques – raising that sexual energy and having energyorgasms. So much fun, so much pleasure and so much satisfaction. And you can do it on your own. You don’t need a partner. You can be totally selfsufficient. When you do decide to share energy with another amazing human being, in all your selfsufficiency, you don’t need anything. And everything is a golden extra.


In this workshop we will practice energysex on our own.


First we will jazz up the sexual energy with Livs orgasmic breathing (two different kinds) and Livs orgasmic shaking. Then use music, movement and touch to move even more into our bodies and the amazing energy. We work solo, we touch our face, body, hair.


Then we practice a few hot sexy moves and get those mattresses out. Accompanied by hot sexy music – slow, fast – we practice energysex and touch on our own (totally innocent with clothes on).


Do you use your hands when you have energysex. Yes you can. Offcourse. But I don’t. And we will not in my workshops.


Yes, you can bring a partner. And yes – you can not work with your partner. You have to work alone. Then, when you get back home – or to your room you can practice together. That is so amazing.


Suitable for experienced and beginners.Foto: Shophit Bajpai, Pexels.com