Gøteborg Tantrafestival

Göteborgs Tantrafestival 7-9 oktober 2022

I oktober holder jeg to workshoper på

Göteborgs Tantrafestival

7-10 oktober

Det er en stor glede å få være med på Göteborgs Tantrafestival med energi-arbeidet mitt. Jeg skal olde to workshoper: Shake your Sexy body og Sex Magic. Kjøp festivalpass i dag!

Shake your sexy body

Classic Tantra is simple – breathing, movement and sound open you up to more love, deep self-awareness, sexual energy and a stronger connection with a greater consciousness.


Add up-beat awesome music with explicit lyrics and a fireworks-tantra teacher and you have Shake Up! Shake yourself to ecstasy. The core of the workshop is Kundalinishake with pleasure.Throughout this workshop we will do breathing exercises, dance, work with touch, meditate and really feel our amazing bodies. And we're going to do shaking.


All with humor, joy, lots of energy and rawness.A unique experience that makes you feel so much better, stronger, wilder, more yourself – and filled with love, actually a little bit “fallen in love” too. And maybe you'll get your very first energy orgasm? We work solo. So that you can really feel how strong your own energy and your own pleasure is. What you use this exquisite energy for after the workshop is entirely up to you.


Come. Dance. Enjoy. Shake. And come. Suitable for both beginners and the very experienced. Foto: Ylva seiff Berge

Sex Magic

The world is a magic place. Full of possibilities and raw life force. Anything can happen – the best of things too. There are many ways to get your wishes fulfilled. Many ways to manifest what we need and want in life. And then there are some ways that are both strong and very delicious at once.


One of the most wonderful ways to do wish magic is to use the sexual energy – the life force itself. And that's what we're going to do at this workshop. Use Sex Magic.


This is a high-energy workshop where we will dance, move and shake in several turns. We will also use strong breathing exercises.


We're going to get rid of old stuck energy. Then we're going to build up a lot of sexual energy. Then we'll make a wish. Absolutely magical.


Suitable for beginners and experienced.Foto: Pexels